Bracken Bank Lodge

Boarding Kennels

The Bracken Bank Estate has a very friendly well run boarding kennels situated close to the lodge. The famous Bracken Bank gun dogs have been bred and trained here for generations. Overnight indoor accommodation is in spacious fully heated kennels and the outdoor daytime runs are in individual large grass paddocks, many in woodland settings. The grass paddocks are for the dogs use all day. Staff live above the kennels.
The Kennels
The daily charge for a dog is dependent on its size and breed, for example:

Small Dogs: £10.00 per day (small terriers, toy breeds)

Medium Dogs: £12..00 per day (Collie, Spaniel, Labrador, Boxer)

Large Dogs: £14.00 per day (Rottweiler, Great Dane)
Holidays for dogs
To book your dog into the kennels please telephone the estate office. Please advise us of any health problems, medication being taken, allergies, behavioural problems or any special requirements your dog has. Please let us know the date and time you wish to bring and collect your dog. 

Please note that a vaccination certificate showing that the annual vaccinations are up to date and full payment (cash only) will be required on arrival.. Please remember to bring any medication that you wish us to continue with whilst you are away.
Licenced Boarding Kennels
Kennel Runs
Eating is one of a dogs great pleasures in life and we are very generous with their food, please ensure you let us know if your dog is on a diet or must not put on weight whilst on holiday here. 

If you are delayed on a return journey and cannot contact us please do not worry - your dog will be well looked after until you return.

It is useful if you take our telephone number with you whilst you are away in case your plans change. On arrival and collection please come to the estate office at Bracken Bank Lodge which has very easy access from Penrith, Carlisle, the M6 and the A6, please see our map & directions page. We are open everyday of the year.