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Bracken Bank Lodge
Bracken Bank Lodge

The Estate

The beautiful 700 acre Estate boasts a variety of magnificent landscapes with lowland heath, heather, lakes, ponds and woodland all ringed with ancient dry stone walls. The estate has its own spring. The Harrow Beck flows from this spring, across the estate and into the River Eden.
Mountain Backdrop
The Lakes
Bird life includes an abundance of buzzard, owls, woodpeckers, pheasant, partridge and woodcock. Fifty four species of birds breed on the estate and there are many more visiting birds.

Wild orchids, rhododendrons and acres of blueberries flourish in an unspoilt landscape. One of the lakes on the estate has an island with a stunning stone temple in its centre. The island is accessed by giant stepping stones. The lake is stocked with trout. There is a large scale conservation and wildlife habitat programme that includes many acres of wild flower meadows.